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Adam and a twin sister, Janet, were born in Hobkirk, Roxburgh, Scotland. They were baptized in Hobkirk 17 July 1803.

Adam became a U.S. citizen 16 February 1844. He married Isabel Mitchell Laidlaw, daughter of Alexander and Elspeth Mitchell Laidlaw. (Isabel is a sister to Margaret B. Laidlaw, wife of his brother, Michael Turnbull). Adam farmed 163 acres straddling the St Lawrence and Jefferson County Lines and adjoining the farm of his brother, Michael, just outside Oxbow.

Isabel died in 1860 at age 51 and Adam died 12 years later in 1872 at age 69. Thomas A., Euphemia and Margaret Maria continued to live and operate the farm.

The 163-acre farm was ultimately willed to Minnie Turnbull, wife of Adam's last grandson, deceased, James Tait Turnbull. The land is now part of the Michael Turnbull farm. Adam and Isabel are buried in the Old Oxbow Cemetery.


Adam and Isabel had six children:

  1. Thomas A.
  2. Euphemia
  3. Alexander
  4. Sarah Victoria
  5. Julia Jennett
  6. Margaret Maria Elizabeth

1) Thomas A. never married He served as the supervisor of the town of Rossie for eight or nine terms on the Republican ticket. Upon the death of Thomas A., Euphemia and Margaret Maria continued to operate the farm with hired help. Thomas A. died in 1892 and was buried in Oxbow, NY.

2) Euphemia died in 1918 at the age of 82 and was buried in Oxbow, NY.

3) The only child to marry was Alexander. Alexander married Margaret B. Tait and had three children, each of whom married but did not have children. In early 1900's their son, Willis, a doctor in New York City gained widespread recognition from his hobby of making violins. He made 18 violins and for a time was associated with John Fredrich of New York City, reputed to be one of the greatest violin makers in the world. Alexander died in 1910 in Oxbow, NY.

4) Sarah Victoria never married. She died in 1862 and was buried in Oxbow, NY.

5) Julia Jennett never married. She died in 1886 and was buried in Oxbow, NY.

6) Margaret Maria Elizabeth never married and died in 1920 at the age of was buried in Oxbow, NY

Adam Turnbull Obituary


Died in Rossie, N.Y., Aug. 7, 1872.

Of heart disease, Adam Turnbull aged 60 years.

Mr. Turnbull was one of the pioneers of Rossie, being one of five brothers who emigrated from Roxburghshire, Scotland, to that town, in 1820 where he has resided ever since. Possessed with much public spirit and ability, he early became identified with the leading interests of the town, and from time to time received from the hands of his fellow men important public trusts.

Endowed with those high and noble traits of character which are the characteristics of his race, he was not only held in high esteem and respect by a large circle of friends, but by all who enjoyed the pleasure of his acquaintance. The disease which terminated his earthly career, although of short duration, was one of great suffering and anguish. During his illness he seemed to enjoy much of his Saviour's presence; Christ and his righteousness was the great theme of his conversation, and clothed as we have reason to believe he was, in that same righteousness, death was to him but the portal to eternal joys.


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