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Andrew was born in 1813 in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland. He married Ann Hunter Dodds, daughter of John and Elizabeth Dodds. (Ann H. is a sister to Mary Ann, wife of William) Andrew became a U.S. citizen 18 September 1847. They farmed near Oxbow on land purchased from George Parish and later bought a farm from Adam Pike in April 1854.

Andrew's wife Ann died in 1876 at the age of 64 in Fowler, NY. Andrew died nine years later in 1885 at the age of 72 in Fowler, NY. They are both buried in the old Oxbow Cemetery.

Andrew and Ann had seven children:

  1. Mary Ann
  2. John T.
  3. John D.
  4. Thomas W.
  5. Elizabeth M.
  6. George O.
  7. Andrew H.

1) Mary Ann died at age two in 1839

2) John T. died when ten days old in 1839

3) John Dodds married twice: first to Helen Baker in 1874 Helen died in 1888. John's second marriage was to Margaret Melrose in 1892. There were no children from either marriage. John died in 1915 in Gouverneur, NY.

4) Thomas Wood married Eva Adams in 1872. They had two children. Thomas W. died in 1918 and was buried in Gouverneur, NY

5) Elizabeth Mortimer married Henry Kentfield in 1877 and they had two children. Elizabeth and Henry spent about seventeen years in Park City, Utah, returning to the Rossie area about 1897. Elizabeth died in 1923 and was buried in Oxbow, NY.

6) George Ormiston went to Park City, Utah in 1879 and spent nine years working in the silver mines, returning to the Rossie area in June 1888. In 1890 George married Pearl Legate. They did not have any children. George died in 1908 in Gouverneur, NY.

7) Andrew Hunter taught school for a couple of years then in 1880 he went to Park City, Utah to work in the silver mines for two years. Returning to the area Andrew married Jennie Carpenter in 1882. They had one child. Andrew was elected to the board of assessors in 1895 and held that office for 46 years, He died in 1946 in Gouverneur, NY

Mary Ann and John T. died at an early age. John D. married but had no children; Thomas W. had two children; Elizabeth M. married and had two children; George O. married but had no children; Andrew H. had one child. .


Andrew Turnbull Death Notice


TURNBULL - In Fowler, March 27th 1885, Andrew Turnbull aged 72 years


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