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(c 1791-1870)

Mary was baptized 8 January 1792 in Hobkirk, Roxburgh, Scotland. Prior to 1824, Mary married James Miller, who also was born in Scotland; they had seven children. The family lived for a time in Denmark, Lewis County, New York and moved to the Gouveneur, New York area in 1835

Mary Died 22 September 1870 at the age of 78 and was buried in the Riverside Cemetery in Gouveneur, NY, No information has been found on the death or burial of James Miller

Mary's seven children were:

  1. Mary
  2. John
  3. Thomas
  4. Jane
  5. Jeanette
  6. James K.
  7. Adam

1) Mary married Thomas Richardson in 1846, had three children and died in 1916 at age 92 and was buried in Gouveneur, NY.

2) John married Minerva Burch in 1850, had six children and died in 1899 at age 74 in Gouveneur, NY.

3) Thomas never married, died in 1883 at age 56 and was buried in Gouveneur, NY.

4) Jane married Christopher Brown in 1860, did not have any children and died in 1902 at age 72 in Gouveneur, NY.

5) Jeanette married Harlow Leavitt in 1852 and had four children. She died in 1914 in Emporia, Kansas.

6) James K.. married Irene Augsbury in 1863 , had six children and died in 1901 at age 67 in Emporia, Kansas.

7) Adam who is believed to be a twin to James K. died as an infant.


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